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Happy New Year! At Ray & Poynor, we are thrilled to be kicking off 2021. A new year means a fresh start, and this year we are excited to share some exciting news—we’re updating our brand!


Evolving Our Brand

We began the process of evolving our brand early last year. 2020 was our company’s tenth anniversary, which was an ideal time to revisit our logo and make some changes to position ourselves for the future.

We spent a significant amount of time making this decision, getting the input of our realtors and staff and working hard to make sure we stayed true to who we are. The result isn’t a drastic change, but an updated brand that we feel reflects our company and our values.


New Signs

As a real estate company, one of the most

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 A few weeks ago, we posted about celebrating our company’s tenth anniversary. This is an exciting milestone for Ray & Poynor despite the unique challenges of this year. It also got us thinking—how has the real estate industry changed since 2010?


Here’s what our founders, Henry Ray and Wilmer Poynor, had to say: 


1)      Clients are much more informed. Thanks to the internet, there’s an abundance of information available about the Birmingham market, local realtors, and homes for sale. There are now numerous websites and apps where consumers can browse homes on the market. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors®, most people begin their search for a home online. 

 “So much information is available online

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2020 has been full of the unexpected. Although this year has been challenging in many ways, Ray & Poynor is excited to celebrate a big anniversary as a company. As we close out the tenth month of our tenth year in business, we’re taking a look back at where we started and looking ahead to a bright future.


The Beginning

Ray & Poynor Properties began in 2010 when the two of us merged our experience, learning, ideas and skills. Our goal was to create a new company where the people in our organization were our highest priority.

To be sure, 2010 was not an ideal time to start a real estate company. The Great Recession was still in full swing. But we forged ahead and set out to build a company with a productivity per realtor higher than

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